Xandra’s Origins

Rinden and Xandra

Okay, when I was interested in The Lion King, I created my own cheetah family, the main character being a male cheetah named Rinden.

A family portrait (Xandra’s the little one in the lower right with the bangs)

Rinden and his mate Sarala had two cubs, a boy named Jacko (who now has his own adventure, entitled EDDIS [Warning: it's horribly old]) and a young girl who didn’t have a name to start with. She started out as a typical, cute cheetah cub with the mane going back over the head in the typical style, but one day I just doodled this cub with these bangs going into her eyes and I decided “Hey, that could be a new look for her!”

A first computer drawing of Xandra (not very good)

But as for a name? I didn’t know exactly, but at the same time I was getting into the King’s Quest series and the character of Prince Alexander. Alexander is a nice name, but since the cheetah is a girl, I decided to make it feminine (Alexandra). But I still wanted it to have a real “style” to match this cub’s snappy personality, so I shortened it to “Xandra.” The cub finally had a name!

My first nametag I used at the Sierra Nebula, featuriiiiing…Xandra!

A few years later, Space Quest came up, and the character of Commander Kielbasa (I still think his name could be a parody on Mufasa in TLK as well as a sausage). Then same the post-SQ6 fan fiction, WSSQID (it was WSSQUID, but I had nothing to stand for the U. D’oh!). I was going to make me as the main character, but that would be a bit overexposing, so I decided to use one of my characters, and guess who got picked!

Another nametag with Xandra making a fool out of herself (as usual)

I made the little “purely wild” cub into a teenage anthropomorphic version, a 2nd generation SQ fan with a very risqué style of clothing and a fairly wacky personality, someone “different” for Roger to deal with. She still pertains some of her wild personality in WSSQID, but she is much more human than she was when I first created her.

“C’mon, Roger, I like the cutoff uniform style! It’s a groove, dig it?”

Well, that’s that!

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