Space Quest and Sierra

Secret Sounds of Space Quest 6 - Some sound clips I found in the SQ6 resource files that never appeared in the actual game. Amusing and somewhat enlightening as well!

SpaceQuest.Net - The Ultimate Space Quest Fansite!
- A beautiful and eclectic SQ site, either the first or second site to link to my page.

- The Unofficial Space Quest 7 fangame.

Vohaul Strikes Back - The OTHER upcoming hi-res Space Quest fangame.

- Contains a lot of fan fiction and stuff, THE site to visit! (Very rarely updated nowadays)

- A slightly SQ-related site, dealing in flash movies, web design (including the new design of WSSQUID itself) and various other things.

DeviantQuest - A community for artistically inclined fans of Sierra adventures, such as King's Quest, Quest for Glory and...You Don't Know Jack?

Sierra's Resource Files - A small collection of pages I made documenting various interesting finds in the resource files of various Sierra On-Line adventure games.

The Rudimentary Space Quest References Repository - A very minimal page I made to document various SQ injokes, references and the like that were being reported on message boards but were otherwise not being "recorded" in any way.

My Other Sites

Quisquilious - My revamped main page

My ZBS site - A tribute to the creators of some of the most amazing audio dramas I've ever heard.

My Torins Passage Page - An unpopular game by Al Lowe, also the game where I got the phrase "What the Tenebrous" from.

King's Quest IX: It Takes Two to Tangle - A King's Quest project that I worked on for seven years before realizing that I wasn't cut out for game design. However, I decided to create this "compromise" instead: A multi-chapter story with music, pictures and animations originally meant to be in the game, as well as two interactive "minigames". The story also has a flexible layout which gives you some control over which sections you want to read first.


Ozy and Millie - An online comic strip. It is really cute and at the same time deeply profound. It's a lot like Calvin and Hobbes. If you like my comics, you'll love these!

Kevin and Kell - At first, you might regard this as "just another Furry webcomic". But take a closer, longer look, and you'll probably have to admit that this is an amazingly clever, artistic, and well-thought-out strip.

- A gaming site that linked to WSSQUID once.

- a webcomic written by the founder of DeviantQuest.

All Games List: An online guide to games of every sort, from pencil-and-paper to RPGs.

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