Q: How the heck is it spelled?

A: That depends. If you are talking about the original story, it is WSSQUID or WSSQ(u crossed out)ID. The "U" was placed there accidentally (read the story). The comic strips are WSSQUID Contd. Or WSSQID Contd. I prefer the latter because itís hard to remember the code for the strikethrough figures and it canít even be used in some cases.

Q: How do you make the comic strips?

A: Well, first, I come up with an idea. This generally takes a long time, from a few days to a few weeks. After I get it straightened out, I sketch out the comic strip in pencil. It isnít done in panels, itís just several drawings that I separate and put into frames digitally (but that comes later). After completing the sketches, I scan them into the computer (I used to ink them, but I decided pencil was just as fine) with my Epson Stylus. I then use Paint Shop Pro to remove static from the drawings, ink and color the drawings. For the 3D backgrounds, I use Bryce 4. After Iíve finished the strip, I add my name, the date, the WSSQUID logo, and any other comments that I find topical (Happy Thanksgiving, etc.). Then I convert the strip to a GIF and upload it.

Q: How long does it take to make the comics?

A: As I said in the previous question, it takes a long time. Sometimes it takes several months. This is partly because of a sudden and temporary loss of ideas, sometimes itís work. But regardless, any type of art takes time to complete.

Q: How frequently are the comics uploaded?

A: Iíve kept a steady record of one comic per week, but circumstances may make me skip a date or two.

Q: Can I please appear in one of your comics?

A: That depends. At first, I wanted the comic strip to be confined to Xandra and Roger, but as the strip became larger, I really had no choice but to incorporate more characters. Finding an actual role for you to play is very difficult, but cameos (basic "appearances") are much easier. Itís just that I usually need time to find just the right place to put you, whether it is at a table in 8-Rear, in a hallway or on a screen. Still, it is difficult to do even that, especially when I want to have a "secluded" atmosphere for the two protagonists. But, I try.

Also, something kind done for me (a comment or support, not just plain flattery) will often be rewarded, but only in some cases. I only have so many sane ideas.

Q: Is ZBS worth trying?

A: Iím amazed you asked! Itís worth every bit of your attention, and as many people as it deserves. Something that spreads consciousness through the media canít be that bad, can it? And by gosh, I like it!

Q: I think Iím in love with Xandra. Can you give me her number?

A: Iím sorry to break this to you, but you have competition. Read TSAíTANCIT to see what I mean.

Q: Most of the comics on page (insert number in question here) donít show up! Why not?

A: That is because they havenít been uploaded yet. Be patient, and eventually they will come.

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