Sierra Siblings Gallery

Here's the Sierra Siblings Gallery, where you'll find pictures of Xandra, Jack, Negasi and their adventuring idols. Enjoy.

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Warning! This is a drawing of Xandra that embodies an incomprehensible expression of cuteness, and/or nausea. In other words, it's just Xandra if she had been born and grown from a felinoid cub instead of forming directly out of the ether.
And, for you scientific types, here is an anatomy chart depicting all the characteristics of the big X that you have probably always wanted to know about, but she would never say...
In an alternate universe beyond our reach... against all odds, Xandra and Roger meet thirteen years in the past... with this result...
Xandra and Jack (Jacko)'s parents, anthropomorphed, pondering a couple of adventure games... who knows what could come out of this?? (Wait! That's an indefinite pronoun! Which subject is she referring to? Could it be BOTH?)
And here's little Jack. Notice that he too has very long hair at this stage in his life.
Xandra and Jack stand before the Half Dome (logo taken from the video in the setup program in the SQ Collection).
A spoof on my new favorite television program, Mystery Science Theater 3000, with Xandra as Crow, Roger as Mike and Jack as Tom Servo (well, I couldn't think of anyone else). Crank up the brightness on your monitor if you can't see them.
Jack and Xandra hug in the warm light of the Sierra logo (also taken from the "setup video").
A graphic inspired by the latest rumor spring that gushed up around Sierra. I could have done better with this thing, I'm sure. But I tried.
This is probably the most twisted picture I've done yet... Xandra as Woodruff of the Sierra game Woodruff and the Schnibble... talk about clashing clothes. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to work in the rather... exposing shirt, but I think it's safe to look at.

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