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WSSQUID is an illustrated story based on Sierra OnLine's Space Quest series. It was first published on August 11, 2000, and it tells of what happened to the series' protagonist, Roger Wilco, after Space Quest 7 (which was sadly cancelled by Sierra). In the story, Roger meets a heroic janitor's worst nightmare: a young, slightly unbalanced, maniacal female fan of his exploits named Xandra, who has claws, a tail, and a tendency to shed a lot. Roger learns the hard way that being cancelled doesn't mean he won't have to save the universe again.

However, this story hasn't aged very well, but although it is rather outdated and inexpertly written, its successor, WSSQUID Contd., a comic strip based on what happens after WSSQUID, surpasses it in most aspects. It doesn't fit in with the accepted SQ timeline, and it most likely won't meld well with the unnofficial SQ7, but it is still serving its main purpose by bringing the few remaining SQ fans a little enjoyment by putting our beloved sanitation engineer into even more awkward situations out of which he must emerge victorious, and possibly even converting a few "non-fans". ;)

Click here to see the WSSQUID Flash movie (WARNING: it's BIG!)

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May 31, 2012
Well...apparently Hell has frozen over. The Two Guys from Andromeda have reunited and are hoping to create an all-new "SpaceVenture" game -- and they need your help! A Kickstarter campaign to fund this project is underway, and even though we're more than halfway there, we've only got a little over a week to make the $500,000 goal. If you've got some cash to spare and love the SQ series, please pitch in! Come on, folks -- if the first Leisure Suit Larry game can get enough funding for another remake, I know the Two Guys can get enough support to make a comedy sci-fi game with the same flavor as the classic SQ games. Let's do this.

November 16, 2008
Sorry for the long lack of an update. I haven't come up with any good comic ideas in a while.

There is good news, however: I have finally completed my first adventure game made in Adventure Game Studio. It is mostly a tribute to classic adventure games, and naturally, Space Quest and Roger Wilco make an appearance. Visit its page here.

March 16, 2008
Okay, the strip has gone long enough without updates, so now it's time for my latest excuse:

I do have several more strips scripted, but I'm currently involved in a large project (that involves SQ to a very small degree) that's taking up most of my free time. I don't know when I'll complete it, but rest assured that Who Says Space Quest Is Dead (Contd.) is not dead. Eventually, more strips will come.

August 22, 2007
After a month of almost nonstop work, I've finally completed my first adventure Flash 5. It's a pretty short, simple game, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. Keep an eye out for a familiar character making a cameo appearance ;) - Area 50.5

June 2, 2007
I've finally gotten enough strips done to start updating regularly again. Sorry about the long wait. Strip #250 will be coming out later this year, so be prepared, since I'm still keeping the tradition of doing something exciting and different in every 50th strip.

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I'm female, in my 20's, and a big fan of old adventure games, traditional animation, old time radio, and lots of other old stuff. I also watch birds, draw and read in my spare time.

I would like to thank Jess Morisette of Roger Wilco’s Virtual Broomcloset and most of the members of the fandom for inspiring me to write and illustrate these stories, Sierra On-Line for creating such a fun, inspiring series, and ZBS Media for inspiring me to actually buy the SQ Collection in the first place (well, indirectly, but still...).

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