Sierra's Resource Files

Here are various links to some interesting graphics, audio and text I've found in the resource files of Sierra's various VGA/SVGA adventure games using SCI Viewer. There are a lot of images on these pages, so proceed cautiously if you're using dial-up. There's also a slight spoiler risk on some of the pages. (Note: SCI Viewer's homepage was hosted on Geocities, so their page is down at the moment. You can still download SCI Viewer from my site, however.)

UPDATE 5-5-12: Now that I have the Roberta Williams Collection, I have access to the resource files of Phantasmagoria. However, I just now got around to adding various art and animations to that game's section on the Miscellaneous page, and I added so much material that decided to give Phantasmagoria a page of its own.

UPDATE 11-15-13: The Space Quest entries have been moved from the Miscellaneous section to a page of their own. Additionally, info on the SQ4 beta has been added to the SQ5 beta's page.

UPDATE 12-23-19: New additions to the KQ7 and SQ6 pages.

King's Quest 7

Space Quest 6


Torin's Passage

Leisure Suit Larry 7

Quest for Glory Series

Inside the Chest/Behind the Developers' Shield (King's Quest)


The Space Quest Series

Miscellaneous (King's Quest 5 and 6; Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist; Gabriel Knight 1; The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble)

BONUS - Exploring the Beta Versions of SQ4 and SQ5

Hidden Items from other Companies' Games

Toonstruck Extras

The Discworld Easter Egg Conundrum - NOW (almost) SOLVED!!

Legend of Kyrandia (added 12-4-12!)


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