Akril's Commissions Information

I am currently open for commissions.

Prices (US$):

Pencil sketch - $10 (+$5 per extra character) [Sample]

CG Inked – $20 (+$10 per extra characters) [Sample]

CG colored pencil sketch (no shading, plain color BG) – $25 (+$10 per extra character) [Sample]

CG colored and inked (no shading, plain color BG) – $30 ($15 per extra character) – [Sample]

Fully colored pencil sketch, shaded and with BG – $40 ($15 per extra character) [Sample]

Fully colored and inked, shaded and with BG – $50 ($20 per extra character) [Sample] (note: This sample has thinner lines than most of my inked work)

I will draw:
Just about any mammal, as well as birds and some reptiles (My specialty is wild and domestic cats)
Fantasy animals (unicorns, griffins, dragons (Reference may be needed in some cases, however)
Anthropomorphic animals (or “furries”, as they are often called)
Humans (albeit slightly cartoony ones)

I won't draw:
Anything in the Anime “style”
Excessively artificial landscapes or objects (space stations, complicated machinery, detailed cityscapes)
Anything adult/pornographic

I only accept payments via Paypal. For your money, I'll send you either the BMP file or the PSP7/PS file of your picture (I work chiefly in Paint Shop Pro 7, but I occasionally work in Photoshop as well). When I have finished a rough sketch of the piece, I will send it to you to ask if it meets your approval, and if any changes need to be made (whether the character(s) need to be in a different location, whether an expression should be altered, etc.). Be sure to let me know if you don't want the finished commission to be uploaded to my gallery.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

Akril15@[remove this]aol.com

Or send me a message via MSN Messenger:

Akril15@[remove this]hotmail.com

In case you've forgotten or arrived at this page by accident, my gallery is HERE.