Chapter Five

"But Sir, What a Blue Beard You Have!"

"I don't believe it!" Rosella gasped. "Both Edgar and Cassima obtain two halves of the same pendant and somehow find each other in an entirely different time?"

She was standing before the Magic Mirror, in whose face was the face of her brother. Thanks to the genie Shamir's powers, Alexander had been able to contact Rosella in this way. He was speaking to her through a circular portal similar to the shimmering void that Cassima had spoken to him through.

Seeing Cassima alive and well had reawakened his ambition to find a way of bringing her back and possibly foil Shadrack's plans at the same time. He had been searching the library feverishly, only stopping to tell Rosella the news (at Shamir's insistence).

"It's true," Alexander said. "They've met each other for the first time ever…at least, that's what Cassima told me. The trouble is that she and Edgar don't seem to have any control over which time they travel to."

"Did she know how she and Edgar would be able to get back to our time?"

"No…but that's a small problem compared to the one we have now," said Alexander. "We have to stop Shadrack. Cassima told me that he's plotting to enter the past. She isn't positive, but it might be that he's doing this to murder King Edward, the man who ruled before Father."

Rosella's voice grew small and worried.

"And if he did...that would mean..."

"Neither of us would be born, and Cassima and Edgar would still be enslaved to Mordack and Lolotte," said Alexander with little emotion.

"If they've made it this far, they must be on the right track," said Rosella as optimistically as she could, "But we had better find a way to help them just the same. They can't defeat Shadrack alone."

"I know," Alexander sighed. "I'll keep looking for one if you'll do the same."

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