††††††††††† I have heard of your adventures in the realm of Eldritch. I know you are still apprehensive about marrying, and I find there is little I can do to help. Edgar must love you if he sacrificed his own life to protect you. I know that you know very little about him, but you should get to know him more. I found that to be the case when I first saw Cassima. I found out all I could about her country and nearly broke my neck trying to find her. But Rosella, you donít have to give up your ways in order to marry. If Edgar understands you, then he will most likely acknowledge your conflict. Cassima is aware of my difficult past, and she often walks with me like I used to walk with you through the castle gardens. She tells me that I will always be the dark-haired, fair-skinned youth that she first saw in Mordackís castle and asked permission to visit her glorious homeland. So you will always be the blue-eyed, playful sister that I used to talk to between our lessons.

Maybe we never truly grow up inside. We see what we want and do anything to get it. As time goes on, we learn better ways to reach our objective. In your case, reaching the fantastic kingdom you saw in the pool turned out to be much harder than you anticipated. You literally went through several changes and eventually saved an entire realm from destruction. It was fortunate that Mother followed you into Eldritch. She is a truly devoted mother, and Iím not surprised that she did so many superhuman deeds for you. She wished that you should be wed, as I was several months ago to Cassima. Her objective was much harder to reach than yours, Iím sure, but she eventually found it. Or did she?

Rosella, make your mother and I happy. At least get to know Edgar more. You have accomplished more than any young woman I know, and staying happy and making Mother happy shouldnít be too much trouble for you. I know you can do it.


With love,