Fan Fiction

Lion King (my major works can be found here now.)

The Second Voice: A short story that takes place within the timeframe of the first film: A take on what might have been going through Scar's head as he encountered Simba at Mufasa's body, and why he didn't just kill his nephew directly instead of exiling him.

Sierra On-Line

Valanice: My first full-length King's Quest fanfic, a story about one of the fandom's most ignored, yet most vital individuals -- King Graham's wife (this was written long before AGDI arrived and altered KQ2's plot and characters somewhat).

Edgar's Tale: Another KQ fanfic. As old as it is, I still think it's a fairly good story chronicling Edgar's history from the end of KQ4 to the end of KQ7.

Cassima's Tale: A two-part KQ fanfic chronicling Princess Cassima's life from before KQ5 to the end of KQ6 - Part I, Part II.

The Threads We Weave: I was up an entire night writing this this. It's a short KQ fanfic that "explains" a lot of things, focusing on just why King Graham suffered a heart attack before his Adventurer's Cap could reach the hands of his children. It also explains how the dead affect the some very surprising ways.

Copilot: My first Space Quest fanfic in years (unless you count WSSQUID Contd.). How in the world is a dimwitted clod like Roger Wilco able to solve such complicated puzzles and survive such perilous situations? Here's one possible answer to this question...

The Forgotten Captives: A late-night inspiration which chronicles what might have happened to Valanice's parents...and what the heck was going on in Kolyma that made it such a bizarre place in King's Quest 2.

The Reason: Another KQ fanfic, this one a follow-up to "The Forgotten Captives" and "Valanice" (the storyline of the latter has been altered slightly to fit the backstory of TFC). It deals with a mysterious person from Valanice's past and a creature that haunts her in the present.

Windows to the Soul: Why the heck did Edgar's eyes change color between KQ4 and 7? Here's one explantion from within the context of the games...

When I released KQ9:IT4, I mentioned a couple of possible ideas for sequels at the bottom of the Extras page. These soon developed into two brief plot summaries, but I still didn't plan to do anything more with them. Now I've created two full-blown sequels to KQ9, nowhere near the scale of KQ9, but still pretty big. There's a lot of art and behind-the-scenes stuff for each story, and I think the stories themselves turned out pretty good, although I might have expanded those concepts even more, had I been so inspired.
King's Quest X: Age Before Duty
King's Quest XI: Blood is Thicker than Seawater

Space Quest: The Time Machination: A Space Quest novel that explores the events that follow (and precede) the end -- chronologically speaking -- of the series. This is a pretty long story, so buckle up. (And when you're finished, you can check out the Behind the Scenes page I put together for the story, which features general info on the story, deleted scenes, art, and spoilers.)

Other Fan and Original Fiction

"T.R.I.L.A.D. - True Reality is Like a Dream": My first (and probably only) Monkey Island fanfic. It starts where MI4 left off, then takes a very unexpected turn (spoilers if you haven't played the games).

Rinden's Story: An old story made into a series of vignettes about the life of a young cheetah, his mysterious past and his hopeful future.

Paka of Azima: A so-so three-part story about a lioness. Parts II and III are decent, but I had to chuck Part I into the Untouchables folder. All three parts can be enjoyed on their own, however.

Memento Vivere: A long overdue addition to Rinden's Story. It's really not much more than a soap opera with cheetahs in the starring roles, but I still had fun writing it.

The Anachronism: An original short story that teeters between the sci-fi and fantasy genres, dealing with the problem of having mythical beasts existing in the same time as interplanetary travel.

The Anachronism - Author's Commentary: The same story as above, but...well, look for yourself. This was my first adventure with Javascript.

Argentum and Aurum: This is pretty different -- it's a story I wrote when I was twelve years old, yet I still think it is one of my best works. I was fascinated by the Latin names for the elements at the time, which explains the names of most of the characters. Another name was taken from the radio version of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I even fancied Argentum having a voice like one of the bird people of Brontidol. There's also a bit of religious symbolism in this story which was not placed in it intentionally.

Curseday: An original short story in the fantasy genre about two young women. It's pretty meandering, and revolves mostly around the concepts of isolation, alienation, and love.

A Split Unkindness: A fairytaleish, slightly comical story about two cursed brothers and their struggle to find each other.

The Peryton: When I first read about the mythical feathered deer known as the Peryton, I found it fascinating, and eventually, I came up with a story that featured one.

The Progeny: A very short short story about a non-practicing wizard and his apprentice, who is probably the last hope for the known world.

Nonfiction (or, what I did before I had an LJ account)

The Dark Side of Art Requests: All Internet artists can relate to this. This story is real, and it relates a lesson about art requests learned the hard way.

Hitch Hikers for Continuity: My one little problem with The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tertiary Phase (now outdated with the release of the Quandary and Quintessential Phases).

"This doesnt make any sence!": Another zany adventure in email land (this person actually emailed me again a few months later, asking me what a certain mythical animal was, saying that she had looked "everywhere" and couldn't find anything about it. Apparently, her definition of "everywhere" doesn't include search engines).

Out of the Loop: Just another rant that once again proves how out of it I really am. It's about Discworld.

My LiveJournal Account: It's not a journal as much as it is a place used to practice my writing skills (I write mostly about computer games, literature, obscure things and occasionally about my real life)...gotta keep 'em in shape, otherwise they waste away.