Impressive World Items

This page contains pictures of the various items in Impressive World. It is still far from complete, and there may be a few errors that have yet to be corrected. (Note: In all of these screenshots, gamma conversion is turned on. The items may appear differently in the game if it's turned off.)


Black Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Blind Eye (L or R)
Blue Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Cat's Eye (L or R)
Crazy Eye
Dark Blue Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Eye Glow (L or R)
Demon's Eye (L or R)
Double Blue Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Double Pink Eye Glow
Eye Glow (L or R)
Gold Eye Glow (L or R)
Green Eye Glow (L or R)
Fire eye (L or R)
Ice Eye (L or R)
Lime Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Motton (sic) Blue Eye Glow (L or R)
Pink Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Purple Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Red Eye Glow (L or R)
Serpent's Eye Blue (L or R)
Serpent's Eye Green (L or R)
Silver Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Golden Eye Glow
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Flash Eye red
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Flash Eye Green
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Flash Eye Purple
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Yellow Eye Glow (L or R)
Crystal Eye Glow
(L or R, model: Declan)
Crystal Eye Glow
(blue, L or R, model: Eclipsic)
Serpent's Eye Pink
(model: Eclipsic)

Golden Glasses
Eye Patch
Orange Shades
Blue Shades
Grey Shades
Pink Shades
Red Shades
White Shades
Yellow Shades
Purple Shades
(Need picture!)
Green Shades
(Need picture!)


Black Headphones
Gold Headphones
Green Headphones
Orange Headphones
Purple Headphones
Red Headphones
Blue Headphones
White Headphones

Blue Feathers
Brown Feathers
Green Feathers
Gray Feathers
Orange Feathers
Red Feathers
Violet Feathers
Yellow Feathers

Bat Earrings
Silver Bat Earrings
Golden Bat Earrings (model: ??)
Gold Earring
Pink Earring
Silver Earrings
Spike Earrings
Silver Earring


Diamonds (Note: 3 different shapes [name doesn't specify]; teardrop shape usually doesn't display properly)

Blue Diamond

round (??)

square (brown aligator)
(model: Shiranui)

teardrop (??)
(model: Shiranui)

Pink Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (sea fiend)

teardrop (??)
(model: Shiranui)

Grey Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (alligator)

teardrop (triceratops)
(model: Shiranui)

Orange Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (red husky)

teardrop (??)
(model: Shiranui)

Purple Diamond

round (amethyst dragon)
(model: Shiranui)

square (amethyst dragon)

teardrop (??)
(model: Shiranui)

Golden Diamond

round (monster tumbleweed)
(model: Shiranui)

square (??)

teardrop (sea hunter)

Yellow Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (husky)

teardrop (velociraptor)
(model: Shiranui)

Dark Blue Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (??)
(model: Shiranui)

teardrop (??)
(model: Shiranui)

Green Diamond

round (??)
(model: Shiranui)

square (red aligator)

teardrop (velociraptor)
(model: Shiranui)

Silver Diamond

round (monster ray)
(model: Shiranui)

square (??)

teardrop (sea hunter)

Cheek Spikes
Cheek Spikes Silver
Cheek Spikes Gold
Crystal Cheek Spikes
(model: fabiya9)
Deer Skull
Golden Feelers
Gold Halo
Dark Halo
Grey Perl (sic)
Pink Perl (sic)
Red Perl (sic)
Purple Perl (sic)
Dark Blue Perl (sic)
Blue Perl (sic)
Green Perl (sic)
Orange Perl (sic)
Yellow Perl (sic)
Silver Perl (sic)
Golden Perl (sic)
Muzzle (Note: doesn't fit all heads)
Golden Nose Ring
Nose Ring
(Note: May not drop
from any prey in current
version of game!)
Silver Nose Ring
Christmas Hat
Sereno Dying Will Flame
Tempesta Dying Will Flame
(model: Flufflemonster)
Nuvola Dying Will Flame
Cielo Dying Will Flame
(model: Evo_Ja_Ga_VoLIM)
Nebbia Dying Will Flame
Pioggia Dying Will Flame
Fulmine Dying Will Flame
(model: ??)
Mad Hat
Top Hat
Rin's Flame (L or R)
Black Fedora
Blue Fedora
Red Fedora
Purple Fedora

Fedora (3 different colors, name doesn't specify)

green (greater giraffe, fallow deer, rattlesnake)

brown (idana lemour, ..)

white (albino elephant, ...)

Mask (black or white, name doesn't specify)


Reindeer Antlers
Black Antlers
Blue Antlers
Golden Antlers
Green Antlers
Orange Antlers
Purple Antlers
Red Antlers
Silver Antlers
White Antlers
Yellow Antlers

Long Horns
Black Long Horns
Grey Long Horns
Red Long Horns
Pink Long Horns
(need picture)
White Long Horns
Teal Long Horns
Blue Long Horns
Green Long Horns
Grey Long Horns

Curved Unihorn (sic)
Deer Antlers
Devil's Horns
Forward Horns
Kirin's Horns
Low Horns
Reindeer Horns
Saw Horns (need picture!)
Short Horns
War Horns
Xaphan Horns
Ryby (sic) Horns
Red's Horns
Antilope Horns (model: Declan)
Black Xaphan Horns
(need picture)
Curved Back Horns (model: switchshift)
Saw Horns 2

Spiny Crest (plain, silver or gold, name doesn't specify)

Saphire (sic) Horns (blue, silver or gold; name doesn't specify)

blue (kirin, ice dragon,
golden dragon, observer)

silver (darkness leader, ...)

silver (darkness leader, ...)

Triceratops Horns (plain, golden, silver or crystal, name doesn't specify)

(model: Jerde)

SilverDevil's (sic) Horns
Silver Horns
Silver Short Horns
Silver Unicorn Horn
Silver War Horns
Silver Xaphan Horns
Curved Back Horns Silver
SilverLong (sic) Horns

Curved Back Horns Gold
GoldDevil's (sic) Horns
Gold Horns
GoldenLow Horns
Golden Short Horns
Golden Xaphan Horns
Gold Unicorn Horn
GoldenLong (sic) Horns
(Need picture!)

Crystal (?) War Horns (Model: Infinite)
Curved Back Horns Crystal
Kirin's Crystal Horns
kl Crystal Long Horns
Crystal Horns
Crystal Antlers


Ram Horns
Black Ram Horns
Brown Ram Horns
Cutie Ram Horns
Crimson Ram Horns
Grey Ram Horns
Lime Ram Horns
Orange Ram Horns
Pink Ram Horns
Purple Ram Horns
Red Ram Horns
Teal Ram Horns
White Ram Horns
Yellow Ram Horns
Silver Ram Horns
Golden Ram Horns
Crystal Ram Horns (Model: ang3lpurewolf)


Black Star Helmet
Crocodile Mask
Fenix Mask
Dragon Mask
Dragon Helmet
(Note: doesn't fit all heads properly)
Red Dragon Helmet
Blue Dragon Helmet
Purple Dragon Helmet
(Need picture!)
Green Dragon Helmet
Eagle Mask
Golden Helmet
Pumpkin Mask
(Note: textures don't display properly)
Rabbit Mask
Deer Mask
Red's Helmet
Shaman Mask
ZT Helmet
Grad's Helmet
Grad's Helmet Silver
(need picture!)
Grad's Helmet Gold
(model: Mr.Freeman)
5 Star Helmet
Samurai Helmet
Crystal Helmet (model: ???)

Silver Helmet (2 different designs, same name)

ZT style
(Fishbone, brown owl, earthshaker, ..)

Star style
(fallow deer, ...)

Grad's Helmet Cristal (sic) (various colors, name doesn't specify)

blue (sea hunter)

cyan (shark)


gray (sea hunter, shark)
red (need picture!)
orange (...)
yellow (...)
green (haunted tower, ...)


White Rose
Bloody Rose
Brown Wolf Toy
Black Wolf Toy
Grey Wolf Toy
White Wolf Toy
Orange T-Rex
Blue T-Rex
Green T-Rex
Silver Fangs
Golden Fangs
Saber Fangs
Silver Saber Fangs
Golden Saber Fangs
Candy Cane
Twig (Note: textures don't display properly)
Just a Note
Halloween Bag (model: ??)
Silver Tusks (need picture!)
Gold Tusks (need picture!)


Bat Necklace
Black Dragon Necklace
Blue Glowstick
Celtic Amulet
Celtic Cross
Celtic Golden Necklace
Celtic Horse Necklace
Celtic Necklace
Crystal Necklace
Crystal Blue Necklace
Crystal Yellow Necklace
Crystal Orange Necklace
Crystal Green Necklace
(Need picture!)
Black Necklace (model: Heart Attack)
Green Dragon Necklace
Green Glowstick
Heart Necklace
LionPaw Necklace
WolfPaw Necklace
Green Scarf (model: Eclipsic)
(Note: textures don't display properly)
Pentagram Necklace
Purple Scarf
Red Scarf
Red Glowstick
Telly's Necklace
Vanity's Necklace
Vanity's Necklace Greenish
Vanity's Necklace Bloody
Vanity's Necklace Soul
Vanity's Necklace Gamma
(model: Eclipsic)
Yellow Glowstick
Trollface Necklace
Serious Necklace
(model: Eclipsic)
Pirate Necklace
Christmas Bell
(for some reason, the bell's clapper
is rendered outside the bell)

Star of David
Blue Dragon Necklace
Fire Necklace
(Model: Wolfy4611)
Bell Collar
(Model: ICouldCare)
Lupine's Pendant
Wolf Necklace
Ruby Necklace
(Need picture!)
Red Dragon Necklace
Blue Fire Necklace
Pumpkin Necklace
YingYang Necklace

Rainbow Tie
Red Tie
Exorcist's Tie
Light Green Tie
Green Checkered Tie
Tattoo Tie
Zebra Tie
Kivi (sic) Tie
Blue StarTie (sic)
Red StarTie (sic)
Smiley Tie
:LA: tie
Green Tie
Grey Tie
Paw Tie (model: ??)
Blue Tie
Tie (same name, different designs)

sunburst (...)

striped (...)

Star Necklace (at least 2 different colors, name doesn't specify)

yellow (elephant, howler)

silver (Darkness Leader, ...)

gold (model: Feralheart18, ..)


Black Collar
Blood Collar
Blue Collar
Blue Spiked Collar
Cyan Collar
Green Collar
Green Spiked Collar
Fire Collar
Golden Spiked Collar
Jungle Collar
Obsidian Collar
Orange Collar
Orange Spiked Collar
Pink Collar
Pink Spiked Collar
Purple Spiked Collar
Red Collar
Red Spiked Collar
Shadow Collar
Skull Collar
Spiked Collar
Stone Collar
White Collar
Yellow Collar
Lava Collar
Plasma Collar


Black Bow
Quiver (model: ??)
Les Paul
Jack White
Lunar Sword
Neon Sword Grey
Neon Sword Purple
Neon Sword Pink
Neon Sword Green (model: Serabbit11)
Neon Sword Blue
Neon Sword Rainbow
Neon Sword Red (model: Lil' Olga)
Purple Sword
Rune Sword
Magic Sword
Tono Sword
Spectral Sword (model: Declan)
Spectral Shield (model: Declan)
Private Hell Sword (very rare, model: Jackwhist)
Red Crystal Sword
Green Crystal Sword
Blue Crystal Sword
Gutta Sanguinea (model: ProRills)
Awesome Sword (Model: kerchief)
Dark Sword (Model: Big Bang)
Demon Eye (Model: zobro)
Dark Katana (Model: NeonKitKat)
Celtic Sword (model: birdseye)
Kite Shield
Anti-Creeper Sword (model: BENZIE)
Demon's Sword (model: Mr.Freeman)
Green Sword (model: ??)

Shards (very rare, from admins only?)
Red Shard
Green Shard
Blue Shard
Yellow Shard

Dusty Pouch
Rainbow Pouch
Ska Pouch
IW Pouch
Water Pouch
(Need picture!)
Sharp Thorns
Silver Thorns
Golden Thorns
Crystal Thorns (model: Serabbit11)
I'm a Present

Spirits Blue
Lightnings 2
Black Lightnings
Black Lightnings 2
Yellow Lightnings
(model: IceeSnowLeopard)
Yellow Lightnings 2
Blue Lightnings
Blue Lightnings 2
Red Lightnings (model: kelis)
Red Lightnings 2
Green Lightnings
Green Lightnings 2
Bubble Aura
Dark Feathers
Green Feathers (aura)
White Feathers (aura)
Red Feathers (aura)
Butterfly Aura (model: QueenWarrior)
Halloween Flash
Dark Flash (mode: Undefeated)
Green Flash
Purple Flash
Red Flash

Scythe (2 different models, same name)

black (phoenix, tumbleweed, ...)

gray (fallow deer, reindeer, wildebeest, ...)

Spine (front or back, name doesn't specify)

Pouch (various colors, name doesn't specify)

brown (brown chamois)

blue (chamois)

gray (??)

medical (model: Mr.Freeman, ??)

Tutu (various colors, name doesn't specify)

(hawk, red ara, raccoon, silver fox)

(red ara, lava worm, death fish)

(greater giraffe, zebra longwing,
dark worm)

(bonetrail, dark worm,
lava worm)

(lava worm)

(fishbone, dark worm,
great wildebeest)

black and white


Black Bubble
Blue Bubble
Orange Bubble
Dump Bubble
White Bubble
Teal Bubble
Pink Bubble
Yellow Bubble
Stripe Bubble
Rainbow Bubble
Green Crystal Bubble
Pink Crystal Bubble
Blue Crystal Bubble
Dark Blue Crystal Bubble
Orange Crystal Bubble
Purple Crystal Bubble
Red Crystal Bubble
Grey Crystal Bubble
Yellow Crystal Bubble


Bandage (L or R)
Gray Bandage (L or R)
Hackey (sic) Bandage (L or R)
Light Bandage (L or R)
Black Bandage (L or R)
Blue Bandage (L or R)
Blood Bandage (L or R)
Black Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Hibari's Bracelet
(model: Mr.Freeman)
Blue Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Yellow Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Checkered Bracelet (L or R)
Game Over
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Golden Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Golden Shackle
I Bracelet (L or R)
Lava Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Stripe Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Water Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Ska Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Red Bracelet (L or R)
Silver Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Silver Shackle
Spiked Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Star Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Celtic Bracelet
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
(Note: right bracelet is crooked)

Rainbow Bracelet (two different types, name doesn't specify)

solid (L or R; bat, hummingbird,
peacock, satanic hummingbird,
snake, python, mouse, praying mantis)

segmented (L or R, quagga)

Bracelet (at least 3 different designs, name doesn't specify)

rainbow (L or R, tan bunny)

rose (model: Icetalon, ...)

Cyrillic text (model: Declan, ...)


Blue Claws (L or R)
Green Claws (L or R)
Orange Claws (L or R)
(Note: left ones are called "Orane Claws")
Pink Claws (R or L)
Purple Claws (L or R)
Red Claws (L or R)
White Claws (L or R)
Yellow Claws (R or L)

Claws (black, silver, or gold -- name doesn't specify)

black (chamois)

silver (red ara, blue ara, buffalo, ..)

gold (dire hawk, ...)

Paw Fires (front)
Paw Fire (L or R)
Orange Paw Fire (model: lars3302)
Paw Fire Green (L or R)
Flash Paw Green
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Flash Paw Purple
(L or R, name doesn't specify)
Paw Star (L or R)
Paw Fire Yellow (L or R)
Rainbow Paw Fire (Model: Lee Fly)
Paw Fire White (L or R)
Dark Paw Fire
(L or R, model: h y p h e n)
Paw Fire Red (model: Infinite)
Flash Paw red
(L or R, name doesn't specify)

Paw Fires (back)
Back Paw Fire White (L or R)
Back Paw Fire (L or R)
Back Paw Fire Yellow
Back Paw Fire Dark
(model: switchshift)
Back Paw Fire Rainbow
(Need picture!)
Back Paw Fire Green
Back Paw Fire Red
(L or R, model: Flufflemonster)

TAIL ITEMS (Note: these usually don't work properly with most tails)

White Tail Fire
Tail Feather
Tail Ribbon
Tail Green
Tail Fire Purple
Tail Fire Black
(model: xX Black Cat Xx)
Tail Red
Tail Purple
Tail Stars (model: Declan)
Tail Fire Rainbow
Tail Fire Red
Tail Fire Green
Tail Fire Yellow

Tail Fire (blue or orange, name doesn't specify)



PRIVATE ITEMS (Note: This list comes from the Impressive World group. Some of the item may not be properly named, since I had to make guesses about their names in some cases.)

Angelka Aura
Back Fire
(Gold flash, L or R)
Dark Smoke
Dark Fog
Dark Flame
Bubble Aura
(different than public one)
Red Flame
Flash Eye gold (L,R)
Celtic Black
Gold Flash
Tail Gold
Fire Aura
Flash Paw gold (L,R)
Star Aura
Vendy's Paw Fires
(private, model: Zoomka)
Shesterrni's Tail
Body Fire
Fire Soul
Butterflies (Red)
Morbi Aura
Osire Aura
Black Flame
Mei's Eye
Forum Staff
Game Staff
Braynbauer's Collar
Braynbauer's Earring
Catty's Necklace
Baell's Horns
Nala's Wand

Private Red's Sword
Private Dragon Sword
Private Earth Sword
Private Dave's Sword
Ice Sword
Private Hadria Sword
Private Blue Sword
Private Rosa Sword (model: Jackwhist)
Private Zoomka's Sword
Private Zoomka's Sword2 (model: Mr.Freeman)
Private Wolf's Sword (model: Eclipsic)
Private Larra's sword
Private Beliar's claw
Witchers Private sword
Quammer's Scythe

Atlas's Tie
P-Body's Tie
GLaDOS's Tie
Sixxela's Horns
Moon's Horns
Wolf's Helmet
Wolf's Dagger
Private Head Horns
Skillet Private Bracelet
Buffallo (sic) Horns (model: Sanjination)

Silver Buffallo Horns
Gold Buffallo Horns
Nala's Collar
Silver Antilope Horns
(model: Sanjination)
Gold Antilope Horns
Silver Reindeer Horns
Gold Reindeer Horns
Rosario Gold
Rosario Silver